Who can apply to become an Advertiser or Publisher?
If you have a product which you want to promote online, we invite you to aply to become an Advertiser.
If you have a website, or access to websites where products can be promoted, we invite you to apply as a Publisher.
We accept Advertisers and Publishers from North America, Europe, South America, Australia, India, and South Africa.

What is the application cost?
There is no cost to apply.

How can I become approved?
After filling out your application online, we will conduct a mandatory phone interview. Publishers will also be required to fill out an in-depth questionnaire.

Under what circumstances would CWinter Media deny my Publisher application?
• The applicant provided incomplete or false information
• The applicant signed up behind a proxy
• The applicant is not willing to participate in the phone verification, and does not respond to us within a certain period of time
• The applicant represents unapproved site content, including adult websites gambling, illegal substances, defamatory or libelous content, unethical activity, or any other questionable matter

How much will I get paid to run CWinter Media advertising?
Our campaigns are performance based on CPA (cost per action), meaning you will get paid based on the success of the advertisement. We offer you only the top quality offers, so you can be rest assured that you will be running the best offers possible.

When and how are Publishers paid?
CWinter Media runs on a net30 basis, meaning you are paid at the end of 30 days by PayPal, unless a wire transfer is requested.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?
CWinter Media applies an error free system of cookie and IP address tracking in order to reliably track and register referrals. All activity is fully noted and paid for.

Are referrals safe for the user?
We will never use the personal information collected by referrals for spamming or any other use. Your users' information is safe with us.
How do I set up the advertisement on my website?
After logging into your account, you will see the affiliate link, which is a special URL for different banners which you will apply to your site.

How can CWinter Media tailor the right conditions for my advertisements?
We strive to work personally with each Advertiser in order to understand the correct target and budget for your advertisements. Tell us what works for you, and we will find the right place to put your advertisements in order to maximize CPA.

How do I track my advertisements?
We will provide you with a pixel to place on your product conversion page in order to track records of when a user clicks on your advertisement. All leads, sales, and clicks are tracked by cookies, allowing us to see where your advertisement was converted.

How do we pay for the results?
Don' worry- we track the advertisements, and pay the Publishers as required. You just have to make one monthly payment to us. 

How do my advertisements get placed?
We maintain close communication with our Publishers by phone and email, and update them on the newest advertisements available in order to make sure that your product goes live as soon as possible in the most correct place possible.

How do you prevent fraud?
Our Publishers are hand selected and personally screened before they are allowed to join our team. If there is any suspicion of fraudulent activity, immediate legal action will be taken.